7 Hints That Gohan Will Get A New Transformation and Dominate The Tournament of Power!


The Title of Dragon Ball Super Episode 90 is  “Overcoming the wall! Goku x Gohan”. This probably means Goku and Goahn will spar, and they will go all out. Now, we have some indications that Gohan might get a new transformation in this arc, and here I’ll share with you 7 hints supporting that!




Number 1: Gohan Is Loving It

7 Hints That Gohan Will Get A New Transformation and Dominate The Tournament of Power!
7 Hints That Gohan Will Get A New Transformation and Dominate The Tournament of Power!

This is the most important one that is Gohan himself said he is feeling pumped up to fight in the Zen Exhibition and he attributed that to his Saiyan blood. Now, we all know this is special because Gohan doesn’t usually feel excited to fight, and that is one of the major reasons he has not excelled as much he should have. Previously most of the times, he fought when he had to defend his loved one’s. We have a similar situation here, everyone is at risk, but also additionally Gohan is feeling genuinely interested about this concept of fighting. We could even see that when he fought, he himself wasn’t satisfied with the outcome, and wanted to do better. So, this might allow Gohan to reach a new height of power as he will be viewing the fight in a way much similar to Goku and Vegeta.

Number 2: Future Trunks Transformation and Gohan’s Training

Vegeta’s son Future Trunks got a new transformation and a major moment in the last arc. In a matter of fact, he was the one to land the finishing blow on Zamasu. From a story writing or plot perspective, You know Vegeta is the 2nd lead of DBS and when his son gets a push, it’s likely that Goku’s son will also get a push. This sounds a bit weird, but DB fans will understand what it means. Anyways, back to the elements within the story, both Trunks and Gohan are half-blooded saiyans, and more or less it has been established that Gohan has higher potential. Now, in the last arc Future Trunks got a Super Saiyan Blue and Rage hybrid transformation, personally I like to call that Super Saiyan Blue Rage. Trunks didn’t get hold of the SSB form or of the God ki, but it looked like he had some of it within him, and that allowed him to go toe to toe with Zamasu. Now, when he first appeared he had a hard time keeping up with SSJ3 Goku, so how did he power up so much? And how did he get half hold of this God ki or Blue aura at least.  Image may contain: text
It was by training with Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta, that training totally changed Future Trunks, and in general Half Blooded Saiyans are talented so he was able to power up swiftly by training with Vegeta.

7 Hints That Gohan Will Get A New Transformation and Dominate The Tournament of Power!
7 Hints That Gohan Will Get A New Transformation and Dominate The Tournament of Power!

Now, this arc is giving a lot of emphasis on Gohan’s training in a critical time,  Gohan has trained with Piccolo previously in Dragon Ball Super, but none of it looked as intense as this one. We only saw a glimpse of Gohan-Piccolo training from Episode 88 preview, and the title does say this will push Gohan to his limit, but the basic reason to train with PIccolo is because he knows Gohan better than anyone else, and can help him to recover in the fastest time. Many people wanted Whis to train Gohan, even though that’s a cool idea, they just didn’t have enough time to go through that before the battle royal. So, Piccolo was the best choice. Now, once Gohan is done recovering, and getting his basics right; he will most likely train and go all out against Goku if Episode 90 title means what we think it means.

Last time Goku trained Gohan was in the hyperbolic time chamber, back in the Cell saga, and that allowed Gohan to transform into a Super Saiyan and then rage which allowed him to play a major role in defeating Cell. That is the arc that made Gohan so popular. Now, if Gohan trains with Goku again, wouldn’t it just be illogical if he doesn’t reach a new level?

Especially, given Future Trunks was able to get a new transformation by training with SSB Vegeta in the last arc? Dragon Ball Super Episode 88 Spoilers- Gohan's Limit Breaking Training

So, if we go by that pattern it should almost be confirmed that Gohan will get a new form by training with SSB Goku. Also, the 90 title has ‘ Overcoming The Wall’, I don’t exactly know what that means, but most fans think it is referring to the fact that Gohan or maybe even Goku will break limits. The opening 2 of DBS is Limit Break x Survivor, while the Episode 90 title is Goku x Gohan, we were wondering what this limit breaking might be about, and it could be something Goku-Gohan related. Interestingly enough in one of the official Dragon Ball Super preview material; it was written that Gohan will play a role like he did in the Cell Saga. That is a huge giveaway, and we are in fact noticing a lot of similarity to the Cell saga. This will be further required in another point.


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