Has Rock Lee Surpassed Might Guy In Boruto?


Hey everyone! Rock Lee was introduced to us back during the Chūnin Exams arc, where surprised quite a lot of people. You could easily see him becoming one of the strongest Naruto characters to ever make the show. He could open 5 gates bybte age of 13! However, his progress was halted when Shippuden began.

Until the 4th Great Ninja War, he showed no signs of progress. But later, he was seen being able to open the 6th Gate of Joy.
He didn’t really use it in the war, but I believe he was saving it as a trump card. With just the 6th Gate, Rock Lee is a very powerful Shinobi. However, the question remains. Now that it’s been a decade since the war, has Rock Lee surpassed Guy?

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