Shokugeki no Soma OVA 4 and the Elite Ten


9th seat: Eizan Etsuya (2nd year)

Etsuya’s exact cooking style is unknown as he has only fully cooked a single dish, albeit he did not put any sort of effort into it. The actual dish did not show his true prowess, so it is currently unclear as to the full extent of his prowess. Rindō Kobayashi has stated that, despite the fact that he is more well known as a businessman, his true cooking skills could allow him to beat many of the other Elite Ten Council members seated higher than him. He is known as “The Alquimista”.

8th seat: Terunori Kuga (2nd year)


Terunori is well-versed in Chinese cuisine, being the president of the Chinese Cuisine RS, and demonstrates a keen mind in the application of spices through Sichuan cuisine. 



7th seat: Isshiki Satoshi (2nd year)

Satoshi’s cooking style is rooted in traditional Japanese cuisine that are passed down through the prestigious Isshiki family. For the most part, Satoshi’s true skill is deceptive as he was able to match Sōma in skill in their very first battle after he was accepted into Polar Star. Ibusaki noted that Satoshi winged his dish and was not even remotely serious. Nene also further confirmed that Satoshi is the strongest chef of the 91st Generation, stating that the only reason she was placed higher than him is that he did not even try to take the higher seat.



6th seat: Kinokuni Nene (2nd year)



Scion to the Kinokuni family, Nene is well versed in traditional Japanese arts. Deadpan, but wielding a sharp tongue, Nene is a soba specialist, able to create soba purely with her hands.



5th seat: Sōmei Saitō (3rd year)

Nothing was revealed about his cooking so far.

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