10 anime voice actors/actresses who played for 2 or more different characters


Hey guys, today we gonna list you some characters who are completely different but share the same voice actor!

1- Junko Takeuchi

The legendary Japanese voice actress who plays Naruto Uzumaki (Naruto series), a character who portrays the traits of an ideal hero and well another unique character from the same series i.e a dog named Akamaru who only barks according to the situation with different emotions. A task which looks so simple yet so difficult to carry out!


2-Masashi Ebara

He’s a Japanese voice actor who is very well known for Might Guy(Naruto series)’s voice. His voice pumps up the blood for sure with an optimistic accent and so called “power of youth”. He also voices for Raizo(one piece) who is also a ninja in the world full of pirates and marines!


3- Showtaro Morikubo

He’s a Japanese voice actor who plays the role of 2 amazing yet completely different characters. One is Shikamaru(Naruto series) who is calm and intelligent and on the other hand Bartolomeo (One piece) who is a laid back character too but vulgar at times.

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