Three Things You Should Do Before Pokémon GO’s Easter Event Ends


Three Things You Should Do Before Pokémon GO’s Easter Event Ends

Buy as many Lucky eggs as possible 

The only item on sale this week is the Lucky Egg, so you would be remiss if you didn’t pick up at least one bundle of them before this sale ends. Get at’least 8 from the bundle in order to take advantage of this sale correctly. Lucky eggs are perfect for No xp waste pros.

Do Not Forget To Mass Evolve Those Rattata!

Here’s where those lucky eggs come in handy, specially with the massive amount of XP to forge with no xp waste gains. You’ll be wanting to mass evolve as many saved Pokemon as possible during the event to get up to 4x xp per evolution.

Hatch as many 2 KM Eggs as possible

You’re going to want to walk through these 2km eggs as much as possible as you’ll have a chance to obtain other Pokemon with it. If you’re looking for some rare Pokemon this will be the best way to do so. I’ve listed the event details below.

Trainers will be able to find more Pokemon from 2 km Eggs (which require you to walk for 2km to hatch them).

These eggs can give players the chance to hatch rare Pokemon – such as a Lapras or Snorlax.

Trainers will also earn more Candy for every Pokemon hatched from an Egg.

Players will also level up faster and gain double XP for every action they take.

Lucky Eggs will also be 50 per cent the in-game shop, meaning players can earn four times the XP they normally would when using a Lucky Egg.


That’s all for now have a wonderful day!

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