This Pokestop trend makes Pokemon GO fun for kids again!


This Pokestop trend makes Pokemon GO fun for kids again!

Due to the obvious bots/GPS Spoofers in the games that have ruined gym play for other trainers, some of the higher level trainers have banded together to start a world-wide trend of dominating the gyms and leaving weak Pokemon for the kids to come battle and take over.

These hearty band of Pokemon Trainers have taken it upon themselves to use the weapon of their greatest enemy against them. Instead of continuing to battle cheaters within the bounds of Niantic’s set of user agreements, these users are spoofing their way to a Pokemon GO army for war. So yes, most of these anonymous users are using the spoofing tools to tear down other spoofers gyms, leaving them with weak Pokemon afterwards.

How to make Pokemon GO fun for everyone again:
1. Find Pokemon Gyms dominated by obvious bots/spoofers.
2. Battle until these Pokemon Gyms are knocked out completely.
3. Leave empty OR add a single super-low-level Pokemon.
4. Repeat!

We encourage all trainers to legitimately band together and leave gyms weak for kids to take over on your spare time. We all love to dominate though some of these gyms should be accessible for trainers of all ages!

That’s all for now have a wonderful day!

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