Pokémon Go has enemies in Old New Castle!?



Pokémon Go has enemies in Old New Castle!?

In some cities danger lurks causing disturbances though in Old New Castle, some see Pokemon players as an invasive force ruining the city’s quiet, colonial vibe. The Old New Castle town center and Battery Park is a hotspot for Pokemon GO players, and many residents are not happy with crowds, trash or worse. New Castle police enforce dawn-to-dusk park hours at Battery Park in Historic New Castle following complaints by local residents of noise and trash.

Some trainers have a great habit of cleaning up their mess after a training session and others ruin it for the rest of us who like to binge play in certain areas.

According to Delawareonline.com Keith Adams lives in a 300-year-old colonial townhome in a historic alley leading to the park players love to group up to play at.

“You have to show people how they are expected to act when they come to a historic town. Like maybe it is not a good idea to drop your cigarette next to someone’s 200-year-old house,” Adams said. “My current issue: The side of my house has been chosen as a urinal. Pretty much every other day I can get up and see someone has” used his property as a bathroom which is very unfortunate.

According to Pokemon GO players the park and the rest of the city is covered in PokeStops due to the historic surroundings. Old New Castle isn’t the only city that has had issues with trainers messing up historical land marks as other places have issued a full ban on gameplay in key areas of some cities world wide to keep players out of respective areas. Where’s your favorite historical place to visit and play Pokemon? Let us know in the comment section below!

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Source: http://www.delawareonline.com

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