The Story of UUB and A Timeskip? – Dragon Ball Super Episode 86 Review


Guys Dragon Ball Super Episode 86 was a 5 star episode in terms of action.  Android 17 returned, and he went beyond our expectations. We witnessed just how mysteriously powerful 17 has become, as he displayed his power standing up to God Goku. The fight wasn’t the longest, but it was perfect. The fighting choreography, landscapes, dialogues, and stunning visuals really made the episode worth the hype.



This was a special episode because this marked the return of Android 17. We had a pretty dope and classic DBZ style fight between Goku and 17, and 17’s performance was shocking to be said the least. Anyways, this episode also hinted something that might have a huge impact on the upcoming arcs, and also as to in which direction Super will go from here onwards. As a fan I could imagine a lot of different interesting ways they could spin this UUB story, and I’m looking forward to check out your thoughts in the comments. I’ll now talk about UUB’s part, and it’s going to be long but after that I am going to explain how 17 was able to keep up with Goku. So, make sure you watch the full video.

The Story of UUB and A Timeskip? - Dragon Ball Super Episode 86 Review
The Story of UUB and A Timeskip? – Dragon Ball Super Episode 86 Review

Goku wanted Evil Buu to reincarnate as a good guy, and UUB it is. Buu is someone who has existed ever since the dawn of time, and this UUB kid is his reincarnation. Let that sink in. No fighter of ours was born that great or with such high potential. Technically he should have more potential than any of our Z fighters, he should have even more dormant potential than the Saiyans.
UUB appeared in the last episode of DBZ, and he was able to impress majority of the fans with his little battle against Goku. Now, we don’t know where this last episode of DBZ will stand by the time Super is done, as it might as well get overwritten or rewritten. As you know Dragon Ball Super is taking place after the end of the Buu arc, and not the actual last episode of DBZ. So, anything relating to UUB is a vital indicator as to where the show is going. In Dragon Ball Super, UUB was once mentioned before the U6 vs 7 tournament, but that was very vague, and didn’t really go that in-depth. However, a segment of this episode, clearly reminded us of this legacy growing up somewhere in Earth. As Dende tells Goku that there’s a genius boy with unbelievable martial arts talent, but he is not aware of his abilities, and that once he gets a bit older Goku should go and train him, as he is the one behind his existence essentially. However, he can’t participate in the tournament he is too young for it, and is not skilled enough and all that.

Anyways, so how will the story of UUB go?

They could approach it in mainly 2 ways, either they can follow the last episode continuity of DBZ, then eventually go past it or they could completely erase and overwrite the ending of Dragon Ball Z, in a way suitable and better for the story of Dragon Ball Super. It’s just one episode of DBZ, and I think it can easily be overwritten for the greater good. Related image
In my opinion, they should overwrite the DBZ ending, simply for making it look more like DBS. Now, after all that happened you could expect a bit of change than what was shown in that Episode to be more DBS appropriate. I just don’t think they should have to go through the pain of keeping in mind what was shown in just one last episode, and not to contradict it in anyways. As that could limit the plot possibilities!

Anyways, I have observed most of you guys prefer that they follow the ending of DBZ, if that is in fact the case, it would mean, UUB will not meet Goku and others before the 28th martial arts tournament.
So, does that mean unless DBS has a time-skip and surpasses the ending of DBS we will not see UUB anytime soon or will have any significant UUB episode before the 28th World Martial Arts take place?

That’s not necessarily what has to happen. Look, Dragon Ball Super is taking place in between the 10 years gap from the end of the Buu arc to the last Episode of DBZ. So, it would only make sense if DBS showed us stuff that we didn’t get it to see in Dragon Ball Z. That is UUB’s story prior to meeting Goku and the Gang. His family, his village, how he found about his powers, how he dealt with it, maybe he’s a local hero, and all that stuff you know. Look, this story with UUB would be a low powered thing as compared to what he have been witnessing regularly, but this could at the same time bring back that adventure vibe of the Good old Dragon Ball Days. In a matter of fact, I think DBS should do 10-15 episode mini segments only featuring some upcoming characters, like UUB for example. This could also be a new generation thing, where they can show the adventures of Goten, Trunks even how Pan or Bulla is growing up to be, maybe a look at even 17’s kids. You know many other shows does that, I don’t know what it’s exactly called, but they stop showing the usual stories involving the main characters, and highlights some new characters or others who weren’t getting much attention before.  Segments like this will also much needed depth in characters like Goten and Trunks. I personally have hard time loving Goten and Trunks, because they just didn’t go through anything. I have seen Goku and Krillin growing up dealing with hell, same case with Gohan, but Goten and Trunks just seems like some undeserving overpowered fighters. I just can’t get behind them if they don’t add some layers to it.

So, about UUB, if they go with The DBZ Ending continuity, in short Goku can’t meet him before the 28th World Martial Arts Tournament. In that case, if DBS still wants him on the screen, they’ll just how to show his independent story.

Now, the second option is to completely forget there was ever that last episode of DBZ. That way the Writers can literally come up with any story for UUB, Goku and others can meet UUB anytime. Also, if they redo the ending it’ll be more appropriate maybe with the presence Whis and Beerus or at least mentions of them. Krillin can continue his classic look unlike what we see in DBZ. I think, wish and hope Krillin will not quite martial arts after just making
a return.

The Story of UUB and A Timeskip? - Dragon Ball Super Episode 86 Review
The Story of UUB and A Timeskip? – Dragon Ball Super Episode 86 Review


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