Huge XP Gains in Such Short Time, Could This Spell a Disaster?

~Source TRNRtips Youtube

So hello there folks, with the Easter event now in full swing and trainers all around the world are hitting the road to hatch rare Pokemon, and in the process probably loose some pounds as well, thinking more about this event gives me serious doubts as to where is the game heading into this summer. Let’s talk a few numbers now, shall we?

I mean come on 4X the XP is way too much at this point, as the game has been out since last summer, adding things up I think most of the hardcore Pokemon Go trainers out there will be able to make somewhere between 1.7 to 2.3 Million XP points over the week. In major cities around the world, it is estimated the so-called “Professional players” will be able to achieve upwards of 3 Million XP points.

The amount of XP bonus you get during this event is phenomenal
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