Dragon Ball Super Episode 86 “Android 17 vs Goku”- Preview Breakdown


In Dragon Ball Super Episode 86, Android 17 will finally make his much anticipated return, and it looks like Goku will go Blue while sparring with him. In this article, we will breakdown the preview trailer of Episode 86.



Before, we get into the frame by frame preview breakdown let’s take a look at the title and preview summary.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 86: “Trading Blows for the first Time! Android no.17 vs Son Goku! Airing Date- April 16th

As Son Goku and the gang hurry to gather members for the Tournament of Power, the Gods of destruction plot to squash Goku’s home, Universe 7. Unaware of this, Goku tries to recruit Android no.17

Alternate-  As Goku hurries to gather the members for Tournament of Power, he comes to an island where Android 17 works as an animal reserve. There Goku spars with no.17 to gauge his power, then immediately tries to recruit him. But no.17 turns Goku down. Why?!

As we know, previously Goku recruited Krillin, 18 and Buu for the Universe 7 team, while Gohan got Piccolo.  From the openings and other promotional materials, we already knew which 10 fighters will be in the Universe 7 team, and Android 17 is there. So, we know for sure that Android 17 will agree to Goku’s proposal.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 86 "Android 17 vs Goku"- Preview Breakdown
Dragon Ball Super Episode 86 “Android 17 vs Goku”- Preview Breakdown

Now, we will also take a look at Dragon Ball Super Episode 87 Title and Preview summary because sometimes in these spoilers they get it mixed. Something’s that are supposed to happen in Episode 86 might get mentioned in the 87 section.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 87- “Hunt the poachers! Goku and No.17’s joint battle!!” Airing Date- April 23rd

After No.17 turns down Goku’s attempt to recruit him, Goku tries to convince him. The two then sense someone approaching. The sky goes dark, and when they look up, there’s a giant spaceship in the sky.

No.17 battles poacher to save animals, wanting to recruit NO.17 for the Tournament of Power at all costs, Goku joins the fight. Though NO.17 had turned Goku down before, after the poachers are defeated with Goku’s help, he agrees to enter the tournament. Meanwhile, Gohan is off visiting Piccolo.

Translation Courtesy: Herms.

So, we got a lot of information here, and these will aid us as we go through the preview.


Before anything else, I want to talk about that Spaceship thing that got everyone hyped and is the most talked about scene of this preview.  If the spoilers’ titles are anything to go by, then they’ll actually deal with this spaceship in Episode 87. So, the appearance of this ship could be one of those things that we see at the last moment of the Episode. I mean Episode 85 did leave some more exploring scope for Universe 11, as the Pride Troopers will now go to Jiren; who is the real deal of Universe 11. So, they could show that stuff, and then by the time that spaceship appears and attacks we could be standing on the verge of the end of that episode. This will be the case if the spoilers we got right now are accurate.

So, this Spaceship shoots a beam right away, kind of like an Independence Day reference, looks quite similar. Don’t know what this beam is supposed to do, is it like they were trying to one shot Earth? Doesn’t look that powerful or is it just they were trying to abduct or harm wild animals?

However, the next shot we see 17 coming out of an explosive smoky something. Feels like he defended that beam from hitting Earth and is now flying towards the spaceship to counter.

Anyways the real question is what is this Space Ship? Who sent it and why was it necessary?

We did see The Pride Trooper’s Spaceship in Episode 85, but it was totally different from the one in question. So we are left with 2 possible outcomes, it’s either some kind of intergalactic poachers group who just want to abduct some wild life from Earth or It’s a plot from the Gods of Destruction. In the 87 spoilers, it’s mentioned that Goku joins 17 to fight the poachers, but if it were normal humans shouldn’t 17 be able to finish it within seconds. That can be explained by maybe something like 17 could do it alone, Goku just joined because he wanted to help anyway. However, the spoilers also remind us that Goku is unaware of the Gods of Destruction meeting against Universe 7. Then, they bring the spaceship part. So, there could be a link between the Gods and the Spaceship, it could just be a part of their attempt to either destroy Goku or at least waste time of Universe 7 fighters ahead of the Tournament, but in that case the question will be couldn’t all these Gods arrange something important rather than such a joke of an attempt; they very well know how powerful Goku is. If Goku and 17 alone could take care of it, then it must not have been a really big threat, and we know it’s going to be taken care off. Because the coming episodes that is 88 and 89 are not about it. 88 will highlight the Piccolo-Gohan training, while in 89 Goku will recruit Master Roshi and Tien.


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