Rejoice Trainers, Treat Yourselves to Fewer Bots.


We have seen more than the usual traffic on popular Pokemon Go botting and cheating forums. Many of the trainers who cheat in the game are claiming that their bot accounts haven’t been banned. We have also seen a lot of reports coming in on our inbox claiming that many of the trainers are unable to log in.

From what it looks like Niantic has finally done the deed and began “The Third Big Ban Wave”. We have previously seen such activity from Niantic, where they banned all the user accounts that go against the Terms of Service.

This is the third time  we’ve observed such an activity by Niantic

1st Ban Wave occurred from January 20 to 24

2nd Ban Wave occurred from March 2 to 4

3rd Ban wave is currently in effect, starting April 11

There is clear evidence that this specific ban wave is specifically targeting to both accounts, which is actually a good news for both rural and urban trainers who are frustrated with them. For those newbies out there, who are not familiar with bot actually are, I’m brief you.

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