Will Majin Buu Be Fat Again?!- Dragon Ball Super


Will Majin Buu be fat again?


In Dragon Ball Super Episode 85, Goku spars with Majin Buu in the process of recruiting him for The Tournament of Power, but the form of Buu shocks us all.

With only a few hours of training, Majin Buu has lost all fat of his body. This is Dragon Ball Super’s way of telling you that you are most likely not overweight because of your genes, but because you eat too much, sleep too much, move too little, and never work out. Just Kidding… Not really.

But that’s not all that shocks us because Buu puts up an amazing fight against Goku, and much to everyone’s surprise he shows that even he has battle intelligence. We never saw him as the guy who uses his head in a battle but looks like he can. This guy is magic, after all, maybe we don’t understand him to the full extent.

 : Will Majin Buu Be Fat Again?!- Dragon Ball Super
Will Majin Buu Be Fat Again?!- Dragon Ball Super

The reason he was able to get the upper hand vs Goku is because Goku was very relaxed, and unlike Krillin, this wasn’t a case of testing Buu; as Buu has already been tested in the tournament and is going to be a part of the team anyway. Also, Goku wasn’t actually trying to overpower, but be more strategic about it since, in the Battle Royal, that’s what he will have to do. He looked more serious while fighting Krillin, as there was a need to genuinely put Krillin under pressure. Also, the writers are trying to make you realize that fighters like Goku and Vegeta are not going to be as untouchable or undefeatable as they are in typical battles Because other fighters that we know off might have lagged way behind in terms of power, but they are equally skilled, and some are arguably more skilled than them.   Anyways, Buu essentially won the match on battle royal standards, by kind of ringing him out with his extended arms. It’s a matter of common sense that Goku wasn’t even half serious, but that is not to take away the fact that Buu has improved significantly.

 : Will Majin Buu Be Fat Again?!- Dragon Ball Super
Will Majin Buu Be Fat Again?!- Dragon Ball Super

Now, fans are having a hard time accepting these power-ups, but do not forget who Buu is. He has a higher potential and can gain power at a faster rate than Saiyans. It’s like the Frieza scenario, imagine if Frieza trained non-stop all his life like Goku or Vegeta. Logic says he would surpass Beerus or even more. Plus, we have never seen Buu seriously training in order to better himself as a fighter, this is the first time. So how can we argue about what he can or can’t achieve?

Now, coming to his body and looks.


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