Masashi Kishimoto And Studio Pierrot’s Naruto Shippuden Thank You Party!

Masashi Kishimoto And Studio Pierrot's Naruto Shippuden Thank You Party!

Hey there fans of OtakuKart and welcome to another animeblog article! My name is Salim and today I will be discussing and showcasing some of the images and products given to the animators at Studio Pierrot for completing Naruto Shippuden!

To begin with, Masashi Kishimoto sent over some personal items to the studio that has animated both Naruto and Naruto Shippuden, Studio Pierrot. The items were a token of gratitude for completing the series and standing by his work for the 15 years that Naruto was serialized. The items received were also accompanied by a meal for the employees at Pierrot.

One of the more important articles the animators received was this new artwork deigned by Kishimoto specifically for this thank you party! It showcases an image of Naruto growing into the Hokage. Transitioning from Naruto as a new Genin, to Naruto in Shippuden, and then finally as the Seventh Hokage.

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