PSA for Espeon and Umbreon buddy evolution issues!


PSA for Espeon and Umbreon buddy evolution issues!

Tons of trainers have been having issues with evolving Espeon and Umbreon since they were released. One of the main issues were actually captivating and evolution even though they had the appropriate easter egg names to go along with the candy saved up to evolve them.

One of the issues with this is the NO GPS SIGNAL message that pops up when you’re trying to evolve one of them. If the game does not have a GPS signal then it will most likely evolve into a random eeveelution. Most trainers usually turn location services off during mass evolves to conserve battery which can cause the wrong evolution to come from an eeveelution.

So if you’re trying to evolve into Umbreon and Espeon, be sure to have your location services up and running in order to assure your proper evolution! During the next few months we shall be receiving an update that’ll possibly contain some text to our second major update of the year which could be trading as tons of Niantic employees have been talking about it lately.

One of the major issues in delay of the trading update has been coding it properly to work within our proximity. Hopefully this gets solved before summer time so all trainers can trade with friends and family!

That’s all for now have a wonderful day!

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