Larvitar and Mareep may be apart of the Desert-2/Fire biome!


 Larvitar and Mareep may be apart of the Desert-2/Fire biome!

A trainer by the name of 7thApprentice whose been featured on this website a few times for his amazing reddit posts is back again with evidence suggesting Larvitar and Mareep may actually be apart of the Fire biome.

A Key part of his analysis is understanding what a Fire biome is: 

What is the Desert-2/Fire biome?

It refers to the biome where Sandshrew, Ponyta, Ekans, and Geodude are commonly found as posted by /u/Shiranui85 in this thread:

His observation of these two pokemon showed that they shared abundant spawn points of Sandshrew, Ponyta, Ekans, Voltorb, and Magnemite frequent spawn areas of Larvitar and Mareep. During his observation he noticed a member of a Pokemon GO Boston group posted a heat map that also showed evidence of these spawn points:

When compared to other spawns you will notice they are very similar to Mareep and Larvitar

So the next big question is, why aren’t they being refferred to an electric biome? Well this next image shared by 7thApprentice supports the fire biome for these two Pokemon.

Will every city in the world be able to have the same observation? Probably not, though most cities will share the same observation 7thApprentice brought with his analysis. I highly suggest you check out the original reddit topic HERE so you can get more detail on this analysis by 7thApprentice!

That’s all for now have a wonderful day!

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