Here’s a possible method for obtaining an Evolution Item in Pokemon GO!


Here’s a possible method for obtaining an Evolution Item in Pokemon GO!

A month ago trainers received an update that contained new berries, new items and new Pokemon all in one. The new items that came with the update were evolution items to help trainers evolve some pokemon with a different method. These items were made to be rare and only obtainable through consistent play. Trainers are starting to speculate a  trick that these items could be obtainable after you achieve a 7 day streak. Possible method? Maybe. Coincidence? Also possible.

Here’s 3 steps on how to do it:

Step 1:

It may take time for you to do it but it’s possible that the 7-day streak can activate a drop, it could be a coincidence or just the right method. To start off you have to make a 7-day streak in PokeStops.

Step 2:

Once you already reach the 7-day streak, you should now have a chance to get an evolution item like the King’s Rock. Once you have been given one of these items, you should immediately go to your journal and review the exact time you visited the pokéstop.

Step 3:

On the next day, visit the same PokeStop and spin it at the same time that you received the evolution item in the previous day. For example, a PokeStop gives you an evolution items on March 20th at 10:00 a.m, that you will have to visit the same PokeStop on March 21th and spin it at 10:00 a.m on the dot.

The steps are simple and may take some time to test out, though tons of trainers have experienced this method and assure us that it works. For now I will mark this as a possible method as i try it out myself with our community. If it works out for you, be sure to tweet me or comment below to confirm it with me as it could just be a coincidence.

That’s all for now have a wonderful day!

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