Earn a Samsung Galaxy S7 with Sprint and Boost Mobile Trainer Rewards!



Sprint and Boost Mobile Trainer Rewards!

Sprint and Boost Mobile Trainer rewards is a way to earn while playing Pokemon GO. Below I’ve shared some easy methods for earning points which after some point saving you could earn a Samsung Galaxy S7 for playing a free game! While some trainers already have been using Sprint or Boost Mobile other trainers are customers of different companies which offer no deals or rewards for our favorite game.

This promotion will be active until 12/31/17

You can also check your points here or sign up for it: HERE

Below are the different ways to earn points.

  • 1000pts – Register on site (1 time)
  • 500pts – Connect to Facebook (1 time)
  • 500pts – Connect to Twitter (1 time)
  • 250pts – Opt-in to receive e-mails (1 time)
  • 250pts – Invite friends (25 per week)
  • 25pts – Reach level 5 in Pokemon Go and upload pic (1 time)
  • 25pts – Catch a pokemon at Sprint/Boost Mobile and upload pic (5 times per day)
  • 25pts – Watch Video (2 videos – 3 times per week)
  • 100pts – Watch Video (1 video – 3 times per week)
  • 25pts – Visit/Shop links (13 links – 1 time each per 24 hours)
  • 25pts – Daily login (1 time per 24 hours)


  • $10 iTunes GC – 20,000pts
  • $10 Google Play GC – 20,000pts
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 – 700,000pts

You can get 2250 points right off the bat for registering and connecting Facebook/Twitter and opting in to e-mails. Then if you just login in once per day and click the 13 links, you’ll earn 350pts per day. You’ll have enough points for a gift card in just 51 days!

That’s all for now have a wonderful day!

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