Dragon Ball Super Episode 82 Review- Jiren The Strongest Of Universe 11


Another Awesome Episode. Guys, Dragon Ball Super Episode 82 was really satisfying, informative and entertaining. The main purpose of this episode was to hype up the Tournament of Power or the Battle Royal even more. Before this Universe 7 fought Universe 9, and none of the opponents looked that dangerous. We didn’t really feel any real threat, if they left on that note they wouldn’t understand the danger they are going to deal with, and so we got this quickie Goku vs Toppo battle. Toppo was impressive, he is one big and strong dude, but what’s even more surprising?



Toppo at the end of the match, let us all know that he is not the strongest from U11. His friend Jiren is, and Goku was only able to match almost giving everything he had. So, now as we stand only around 39 hours apart from this tournament. Goku and Company will have to train their best, form their team, and also develop a winning strategy.

In this article, I will do in-depth breakdown of ‘ Dragon Ball Super Episode 82’.

The Episode Title Was- “ I won’t forgive Son Goku! The Warrior of Justice Toppo’s Intrusion!!”

The dialogues at the beginning of this fight was fun. As Toppo agrees to talk with his fists and then keeps going on, and on about his justice shits. With a lot of poses, and we were like damn it Toppo you are not a man of your words. Even Goku points that out, but Gohan seems to be really enjoying that, must be because just like Saiyyaman this guy is also really into poses and dialogues. Apart from that, on a serious note, Gohan really seems to like and respect Toppo. Before anyone else, he points out that he is one strong guy. Now, at the end of the battle, Toppo revealed information that will keep everyone worried and at the same time pumped, and that is he is not the strongest of U11, despite being the leader. His sworn friend Jiren- The Grey is the strongest. Now, this indicates a lot of thing, but it also literally confirms that Goku will have a rivalry with Jiren or at least he is going to be his target for this tournament. Goku is the top player of U7, and he is going to go after other top players, but this is not to say Toppo is going to be any less efficient. He is the leader after all, and the battle is not all about Power. Toppo looks to be the most experienced. So, if Goku takes on Jiren who do you think will mainly fight Toppo or engage in a rivalry type of something.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 82 Review- Jiren The Strongest Of Universe 11
Dragon Ball Super Episode 82 Review- Jiren The Strongest Of Universe 11


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