10 Most Disturbing Pokémon Facts!


10 Most Disturbing Pokémon Facts!

Our 10 Disturbing Pokémon facts come from the games or animated series which are in no current order of how disturbing they actually are. This list may bother your personal experience with Pokemon so we highly suggest you continue with caution! Let’s get right into it with #10!

10. Cubone’s Maternal Issues

Cubone is one of the more attractive Pokemon to have in the game, though when you catch one you have no clue of it’s past history unless you’ve actually learned about Cubone’s past. Cubone’s past hides one of the darker sides of Pokemon which comes from the fact of the cute Pokemon wearing it’s mothers skull like a helmet. One baby Cubone is shown in the anime after team rocket kills it’s mother forcing it to venture off on it’s own.

9. Kabutops Slices, and then slurps it’s victims body fluids

Kabutops Pokedex entry may make most trainers shit their pants from horror if you ever come face to face with this ancient nightmare, since this Pokemon, “cuts open prey with its claws, then sucks up the spilled bodily fluids.”

8. Lavender Town Syndrome

When Pokemon Green and Red originally released, Lavender Town’s theme song’s high pitched version was beyond scary. In fact, this song’s high pitched noise caused tons children between the ages of 7-12 to commit suicide or obtain weird illnesses all over Japan. At least two-hundred children were reported to commit suicide, and many more developed illnesses and afflictions. Those who did not acted irrationally complained of severe headaches after listening to Lavender Town’s theme.

7. Pokemon are Food

If you’ve ever watched the Pokemon anime, you’d notice that Magikarp and other Pokemon were shown as optional food choices for trainers to eat or feed to their Pokemon. Though Brock always came in swiftly with his home made Pokemon food for Ash and friends.

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