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After the release of Pokemon Go’s newest update which is certainly looks like a re-launch of the game every player is hyped about the new things which are included in the game, also what changes are seen in Datamining of the code. There’s hell lot of new thing seen and changed in the source code of the game, one such thing is moveset of pokemon. Here’s a list of everything changed in moveset.

Ghost Type:

Now Ghost Type move Shadowball is a two charge bar move, instead of three and its base damage is 100.

Dragon Type:

There’s been changes in Dragon type moves as well.Dragon Claw and Twister is now a 3 charge bar move instead of 2.

Dark Type:

Dark Pulse is now a 2 charge bar move with base hit 80 also Crunch is changed to 3 charge bar move

Normal Type:

In normal type moveset Body Slam is now changed to a 3 charge bar move.

Fighting Type:

In fighting type move set Submission and Crosschop are now changed to a 2 charge bar move

Water Type:

In water type move set Aqua Tail is now a 3 charge bar move.Water Pulse is now a 2 charge bar move, with power of 70 damage and Scald is now a 2 charge bar move.

Grass Type:

In grass type moveset Pedal Blizzard is now a 1 charge bar move, with 110 damage.Power Whip is now a 2 charge bar move and Leaf Blade is now a 3 charge bar move.

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