Count down to Boruto; only few episodes of Shippuuden left!


Though the exact release date has not been revealed yet, Boruto next generations is almost here. Probably on the first week of April as it is scheduled to make its debut on the same month. Naruto Shippuuden is now on its final novel adaptation; Konoha Hiden. And given that it starts with double episodes; chances are that it wont run that long. With this you can even start the count down to Boruto with very good accuracy. Well let us look at some facts at hand here, as at this rate Boruto will be here in no time.

Image result for boruto with his clonesThere is a possibility that we might even get a slight break before Boruto airs its first episode. That’s if you look at the time left before April comes and the episodes that Konoha Hiden might broadcast. Apparently, there wont be any fights as this is a novel to patch and connect up the plot so that Boruto will have a reasonable foundation. Given that its now only seven weeks before March. And Konoha Hiden only begins this week; and with double episodes. Its very likely that there will be at least a break somewhere in the middle.

Image result for Shikamaru sasuke shindenComparing to other novels, that only ran for about two month, then even this one could run for a month. Maybe and a week at the most. Besides giving a slight break before Boruto begins will also rise the fans interest. Since Konoha Hiden will give a good heads up for Boruto. The moment you start see the next generations on Shippuuden you would wanna see what each of them are capable of. Of which more of it will be revealed in Boruto next generations.

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