Ash vs Red (The difference between both trainers)


Ash vs Red (The difference between both trainers)

*Please note that this is based off my opinion, as this Red vs Ash thing can be debated so don’t take it 100% serious*

When it comes down to which trainer is the best, obviously hardcore fans of Pokemon will say that Red is the better trainer as he’s the glorified manga/gba character that we all love and wished to see a longer story of. Ash is more charismatic and for the emotional story as Red is mainly for the older players looking for a strong edgy trainer to watch. Since the start of Pokemon we’ve seen Ash make mistakes such as waking up too late and missing out on the opportunity to have one of the 3 main starter Pokemon even though he got an amazing Pikachu.

While Ash does not have the accomplishments of Red such as becoming champion and defeating team rocket, Ash does have far more badges and has beaten some great trainers in the process of making great friends and is also favored by the majority of the fan base. Why would Ash be favored over Red? Because of all the classic adventures he’s been on in the Pokemon anime series.

Some Notable differences:


  • From Anime
  • Got Pikachu because he was late
  • Received a filled Pokedex
  • Has extreme care for Pokemon and will even let them go if needed.
  • Has 30+ Badges from different regions
  • Competed in Indigo League, made it to 5th round, farther than Rival Gary did
  • Travels with friends
  • Talks to mom often throughout anime
  • Hasn’t disbanded Team Rocket
  • Won at Orange League
  • Actually has competitive rivalry with Gary Oak
  • Wouldn’t hurt a fly

*Note: I did not list everything for the sake of attention spans*


  • From Manga
  • Showed up on time and picked Pokemon based upon father.
  • Red most likely filled the Pokdex
  • Will stick by his Pokemon no matter what
  • Used in GBA Games as’well Pokemon Origins.
  • Became the Pokemon League Champion
  • Beat rival to become Kanto Champion
  • Travels alone and trains in Mt.Silver
  • Ignores mom
  • Defeated and Disbanded Team Rocket
  • Beats Rival Blue easily aside one loss
  • Would probably Hadouken you over a kit-kat(joke/not true lol)


If you’ve ever read the Pokemon Manga, you’d find that Red’s story is very interesting even when compared to the watered down, emotion captivating anime that was released for Pokemon when we were kids. I would talk all about the manga’s amazing story but that would be way too much text to explain here, which you can just read it yourself online. 

Ash has been a great trainer and I would still prefer to watch Ash if I was still a kid, though I’m an adult now and would love to see an action packed anime with Red’s story relived, I still love Ash and all the adventures he’s been on, I still watch the anime from time to time to this day. Both stories of Ash and Red are actually similar as they both go through some of the same situations differently.

I’ve learned that while reading the manga Red does have a way to irk the nerve of emotion, just not as much as Ash has captivated my emotions in the past, such as the time he saved Charmander or the first Pokemon Movie, though this probably because Red doesn’t have an Anime as in depth as Ash does. Is Ash the better trainer? No, but he is the better protagonist when it comes to an anime. To support this just watch ‘Pokemon Origins’  and compare it to any classic from the Pokemon series. Though Pokemon Origins is completely rushed through you can still feel the difference between Ash and Red’s stories.



  • Is the better protagonist for anime
  • Underdog Challenger


  • Is the better Pokemon Trainer
  • Brute Champion

That’s all for now, let me know what you think in the comment section and be sure to have a wonderful day!

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