Anime Review: Shomin Sample


Hey Guys! As promised, a biweekly article. I’m sure there are some of you that may be thinking, “No, you promised us an article strictly about Shinigami in anime, not another review.” Yes I promised a Shinigami article, but I did NOT say that it would be the immediate one after my Death Note Review. Fear not I am working on the Shinigami article, but in order for me to write an article worthy of your attention, I must actually watch each anime that has a Shinigami (or at least two more) and it will be a while before I can do that. You see, not counting Bleach or Death Note, (and not counting movies based off of the list of anime I have) there are 5 that I have found (6 if you count both RIN-NE seasons separate). I KNOW there are a lot more manga versions of Shinigami out there, but for now, I wish to focus only on the anime side, and even then, there are a lot more! So I have at least narrowed it down to 5 (6?), so that the study involved will not be super crazy. So that will be at least one or two articles down the road, (I might just watch all five, just to make you guys squirm with anticipation).

Anyway, one anime that I had started watching before I wrote the review for Death Note was, Shomin Sample. Its extremely interesting. I will give you all the plot on the next pages, but I’d like to say that this is “classified” as an Ecchi Anime. I think that because the first (and my favorite) Ecchi Anime that I watched was HighSchool: DxD, it has ruined every other so called “Ecchi” anime out there. According to the definition of Ecchi anime is: “A genre, especially of anime and manga, featuring playful, tongue-in-cheek usage of sexualized imagery and situations such as double entendre or flirtation, while remaining non-pornographic. Often used to differentiate from hentai which features overt sexual themes.” I hope I am not wrong in my next sentence, but if I am please tell me in the comments below; I certainly like learning about other customs, especially those not in the USA. If I’m not mistaken, a lot of countries do not consider showing the nipples of boobs to be pornographic. I do know Japan (again please correct me if I am wrong) does, but to actually make HighSchool DxD fall under Ecchi and not Hentai, they censor the show when it is aired, but “uncensor” it when they release the footage to Funimation to create the DVD’s. So I apologize if I seem a little biased to the fact that they don’t actually show the nipples on the boobs.

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