Will Lanturn Be Good For Prestiging?


Having the top Pokemon for battling is heavily sought after. We already know that Tyranitar and Blissey will be too famous Pokemon popping up in gyms when generation 2 Pokemon come out. Tyranitar will be similar to Dragonite, and Blissey well let’s just say it will probably be the hardest Pokemon to take down. Blissey will have a huge health pool. Chancey is already known to have a lot of hit points, evolving it will only give it more.

Lanturn, on the other hand, will be great for prestiging. This Pokemon also has a good amount of hit points, not as much as Blissey will, but Lanturn also has low CP. High Hit points and a low cp rating work well for getting that 1000 prestige points. On top of that, Larturn is an electric water type Pokemon making it a beast when up against Lapras, Vaporeon, Arcinine, and even Dragonite will steel wing.

Lanturns move set will really help out too. The STAB bonus will work for water and electric type moves. Electric type Pokemon are favorited for their quick take outs on flying and water type Pokemon, however. Electric type Pokemon don’t have a huge health pool.

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