Pokemon GO on April fools day could be chaos!


Pokemon GO on April fools day could be chaos!


With tons of opportunity to troll trainers who play their beloved game, April fools day makes an amazing timing. They could do something like make all rare spawns dittos causing massive rage quit during the day.

It’s not likely that they’ll actually do something for April fools day though I would love it if they did. For the rare spawns it seems like it is capable of happening as Niantic may have upped a rare spawn towards trainers during the recent holidays, plus the current way to catch ditto.

An even better joke on trainers would be an increase of spawn for Magikarp as suggested by trainer SalivaDangles. If they actually did decide to do a Magikarp spawn increase event for April fools day, it could actually benefit those trainers looking to get Magikarp candy or get that medal.

Another idea would be a legendary event that would later change to a ditto, this idea would probably irk more nerves than others as everyone has been anticipating the legendary pokemon since the beginning of the game. Though I beleive holding the legendary event for trainers who actually stick with the game is more beneficial, cause who would want hype train followers to have a great pokemon anyways.

That’s all for now, have a wonderful day!

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