Nest Migration #11 has occurred!

Pokemon Go Nest Migration
Pokemon Go Nest Migration

Nest Migration #11 has occurred!


It’s been awhile since the last nest migration which is why we received another one. If you’re unsure what a nest migration is, it’s when the current nests in the game change to another pokemon spawn. There are obvious spawns that are frequent which is why you see pidgey and zubat all day, these don’t change and aren’t considered to be a nest.

The last migration changed tons of nests while also adding local nests to tons of cities across the world. Some trainers have noticed that they’ve received extended spawns at some parks that made a nest have a much larger ratio.

We’ve been bombarded with updates and nest migrations since the games been released and I honestly love it. A game that loves to constantly update and make changes to progress towards the communities suggestions is great. The Silph Road is a great place that consistently confirms when nest migrations happen, such as this one so be sure to check them out.

Originally updates like the one that brought the buddy pokemon were not planned be in the game though, though they were obviously suggested and eventually added due to the simple mechanics used to create this feature for it’s high demand. A trainer must think how long the trading update could take, though trading updates and legendaries will take some serious planning even if they finished them.

Be sure to stock up on balls and go find those nests, have a wonderful day!

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