What is Niantic getting us for Christmas ??


On 14th of December, Niantic Labs updated their blog telling its readers, about the number of poke stops and gyms that were added to the game.In collaboration with Starbucks, Sprint and RadioShack establishments.And the successful launch of Pokemon Go in India with Reliance Jio as their partner in India.The blog post also talks about the launch of the game in other South Asian countries.

At about the same time, Niantic gave us a festive edition Pikachu.At the bottom of the same blog post, it saysThe month isn’t even half over, and it’s been a blast so far. Stay tuned for more.

So the company is definitely cooking a sweet Christmas Pudding for all the poketrainers out there.

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Our obvious predictions are that Niantic has got an upcoming Christmas event just like the one we had for Thanksgiving last month.But this time I don’t think that providing more spawn rate for a specific type Pokemon (Probably ice time this time around) and doubling the XP gained is not going to cut it.(Though I will welcome this with a warm heart.)I think it would be more exciting to see more exclusive stuff this Christmas.

I think this time would be more exciting to see more exclusive stuff this Christmas.

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