Alakazam now has the highest base attack stat in the game!


Alakazam now has the highest base attack stat in the game!


After the recent nerfs, some Pokemon received a buff that put them in their rightful place!

Before this update the game had a really unbalanced Pokemon structure that really didn’t make that much sense. Originally in the anime and games, Ghost and Psychic Pokemon were supposed to be something special. During most of the rollout phase, Gengar and Alakazam were actually useless while seeming more like a treasure to have rather than an actual battle buddy.

Status: Buffed
Stamina: 110, Attack: 271, Defense: 194

Stats: +85 Attack; +42 Defense
Percentage CP Change: +64.57%
Maximum CP: 2887

I’m gonna have to agree with the changes, as Alakazam now ranks as the #1 Attack stat in the game. There is no reason a Vaporeon should be beating a fully evolved Alakazam with ease, let alone a Gengar.

Now Alakzam ranks higher in CP than Vaporeon, Lapras, Arcanine and a bunch more Pokemon that actually deserved nerfs. Some may not agree because of all the hard work they put into their pokemon, though the game was never meant to be a Dragonite, Vaporeon, Snorlax game. 

Now with diverse choices gyms will actually be more entertaining with a much larger variety of Pokemon to offer in battle. 

That’s all for now, I hope you all have a wonderful day!

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