How Strong Will Himawari Be?

How Strong Will Himawari Be?

I thought that I would do a variation on my “How strong…” series and instead look at how strong a character may turn out in the future. If you like this new series, please be sure to leave a like and consider sharing it with your friends.
Himawari is the daughter of two very powerful Shinobi, Naruto and Hinata, but does this guarantee her success? For arguments sake let’s assume the answer is yes.

How Strong Will Himawari Be?
We already know that when angered Himawari can access surprising strength using Gentle Fist, just like her mother. Naruto, as a series, has a constant theme of youth triumphing and each generation becoming stronger and surpassing the previous one. With this logic, we can guess that Himawari can become as skilled as her mother in the art of Gentle Fist and at best will surpass her abilities.

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