Which could be the strongest team from Boruto

Now that the new generations makes their debut its time for us to see what they are really made of. Obviously we have high expectations of them to take the franchise to another level. It is natural though in order for them to create an interesting storyline. We have seen a fraction of these guys from the chuunin exams in Boruto the movie. And the manga is yet to reveal new stuff as the movie part is only left with about a chapter. So hopefully by next month we will be looking at the new stuff only.
Image result for Boruto genin teamsThey still followed Shippuuden’s logic of making three man teams assigned to a Jounin teacher. And here we will try to assess which could be the strongest of them all. These teams has been formed with the main idea of unleashing the maximum potential of each individual’s specialty through team work. So we have various teams and others are yet to be formed. Candidates like Himawari, who is still powerful at her young age are yet to be assigned to their own teams with their respective candidates and teachers. So we could wonder what kind of teams this new generation is going to be comprised of.
Image result for Boruto genin teamsFrom the looks of it things are going to be epic. Basically the teams shown up to so far includes Team Konohamaru, of which I’m sure that most of us knows much about. As it was shining during the chuunin exams. This seems to be Konoha’s ultimate team so far, but in case there might be any surprises let us wait to see. Combining Boruto, Sarada and Mitsuki in one team is like taking the top aces and put them together. Because from the looks of it nobody is dumb from this team as they are all very intelligent. Not to mention that Sarada already has the Sharingan and Mitsuki can already use Senjutsu. And I need not say more about Boruto.
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