New Pokemon Go update is here!

pokemon go update  now available pokemon nerfs and buffs are here

Finally, your conquered gyms are now yours!

Pokémon GO recently announced the integration of updated versions 0.45.0 (for Android) and 1.15.0 (for iOS). Remember that the updates are a process and can take a bit of time before showing in your app store!

Below is the direct announcement released via Facebook:


Have no fear! Wannabe Team Rocket players sniping your gyms will no longer be able to. Going forward, conquering a new gym will enable a secured time-limit for Pokemon placement. Prior to this, anyone could “snipe” the gym with their own Pokemon as soon as the gym icon turned grey. As a result, we were left like the Pikachu below.


We still do not know how long this window is open for (placing a Pokemon in the captured gym) as the update is still in the process of rolling out.

Also in this update is the new exp bonuses. Instead of listing them out, we will provide the details from Niantic themselves:

On a final note, “minor text fixes” should be taken with a grain of salt; some of the biggest changes, such as removing the once-infamous Eevee trick, occurred under the “minor text fixes” update.

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