Pokemon GO Draining Phone Batteries Again?


Pokemon GO Draining Phone Batteries Again?

We’ve been struggling from the massive battery drainage Pokemon GO comes with since the start, while Niantics been working on this issue and coming out with constant fixes every month for this exact issue, they can’t seem to get it right. Please note that this issue seems to only be with Android for now, even though there are some small reports for IOS too.

After the Halloween Event, it seems as if the game is draining our batteries a bit more than it was before the update. We all know they’ve re-added the Battery Saving option, however this seems to be useless now. It was working properly before the event as I’ve mentioned earlier.

To be more specific as to when the community experienced this issue, it was Novemeber 1st, the day the Halloween event was ‘supposed’ to be removed, which it was later removed 2 days after this date. Some trainers have even noted how their battery dropped from 28% to 3% within minutes. It seems to be reset after they restart the phone, even though the problem arises again sometime after.

With older androids the game seems to just drain the battery to 0 until you plug it into a charger, then the problem seems to go away shortly after. There has been numerous analysis done with the drainage on battery Pokemon GO causes, and each time we’ve noticed that it seems to increase after major updates such as the recent Buddy update.

If you would like to read more reports about this issue click here

We’re unsure as to when this issue will get resolved, or if this is happening around the entire globe. So be sure to let us know in the comment section if you’re experiencing this issue. 

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