10 Awesome Anime That Are On Air ~ Have You Watched Them?


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If you haven’t started any anime this season, you really should! This fall season has loads of anime that are really worth the watch. Here’s ten of them that are really good!

Yuri!!! on Ice – Sports 

10 Awesome Anime That Are On Air That You Should Watch! - Yuri!!! On Ice

Most of us should know about this anime since it’s extremely popular this season. This anime is about a professional figure skater, Yuri Katsuki who suffered a defeat in a recent competition. Hopeless, he returns back to his home and meets with his friend who works at an ice rink. The same day, his idol Victor Nikiforov skates a routine in a huge competition. Yuri perfectly skates the same routine at a local ice rink which is uploaded onto the internet and Victor sees it. Victor then travels to Japan to be Yuri’s coach. Yuri then gets selected for two major competitions. Can he come out victorious?

I just suggest everyone to watch it – you’ll fall in love with it sooner or later xD

Hibike! Euphonium 2 – Music, School, Drama

10 Awesome Anime That Are On Air That You Should Watch! - Hibike Euphonium 2

The second season of Hibike! Euphonium is out! In the first season we see the main character, Kumiko Oumae, a high school student who joins her school’s concert band. They enter a competition and win the qualifying tournament after many challenges. In the second season, a new teacher arrives to help the woodwind section of the band. They also go on a training camp to further their skills before the Kansai Competition! Can they win?

This is really good for people interested in music and school genre anime.

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