Pokemon Tracker Is Back, Available In Various Places!


Niantic continues to announce more exciting updates this week and this time its news we have been waiting for- the Pokemon tracker. That’s right, Niantic finally speaks out about the special tracker that was only available to San Francisco residents.

If you haven’t heard, Niantic was testing a special version of the Pokemon tracker in their home city. This tracker allowed trainers to know which Pokemon were nearby and provided their location based on the PokeStop that Pokemon was closest to. The tracker also provided directions to that same PokeStop.

The big news Niantic revealed was that they are planning to test this tracker to other cities besides San Francisco. The cities you will be able to test this tracker will be: Arizona, the Seattle area of Washington state, and the rest of the San Francisco Bay area. It seems Niantic is getting ready for a wider release of the tracker.

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