Theory: Rowlet’s Evolutions Explained (Why Decidueye is Ghost Type)

Rowlet Evolutions Explained

Rowlet starts out as a cute little bow-tie wearing owl. It then quickly grows into Dartrix which can be seen as the obnoxious teenage phase that cares way too much about its hair, but from there it becomes a hooded archer that’s part Ghost Type? That doesn’t make any sense, what’s the connection?

Well, if you’re familiar the DC comics character Oliver Queen a.k.a. Green Arrow. It all makes perfect sense.

Oliver Queen was born into an extremely wealthy family, as a child he likely attended expensive private schools where they wore uniforms, possibly even uniforms with bow-ties.

Oliver grew into a rebellious teenager and this led to him becoming an obnoxious and self-centered adult. Plus, just look at that hair.

But that all changed after Oliver became ship wrecked on a mostly uninhabited island. To survive he had to change his attitude, and become the green hooded archer known as the Green Arrow. Just like Dartrix has to overcome its attitude to become Decidueye.

But being a green hood wearing archer is just the start of the similarities between these two.

For example, both trained on an island.

Oliver trained to become Green Arrow on the Island of Lian Yu (Mandarin for “Purgatory”) and Dartirx trained to become Decidueye in Alola.

Also, if Decidueye is inspired by Green Arrow, than it being Ghost Type makes complete sense. Oliver Queen was presumed to be dead when he became shipwrecked, and with Decidueye being Ghost Type you could say that they are both “supposed to be dead.”


Bonus Round: If you have ever wondered “Why does Decidueye have abs?” This may very well be why.

Both Green Arrow and Decidueye have a sick six pack.

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