What Sasuke Was Looking For After Shippuden Ended.

What Sasuke Was Looking For After Shippuden Ended.

Hey there everyone! Salim here and I’m back again to discuss another interesting topic for those of you that don’t know what Sasuke was doing while traveling around the world! If you haven’t seen Boruto: Naruto the movie and haven’t read Naruto Gaiden, well then this article will inform you!

So without further ado lets get this article started! To begin with, in episode 479 of Naruto Shippuden and Manga Chapter 699 (The conclusion of Shippuden) Sasuke tells Sakura and Kakashi that he has something troubling his mind that he needs to search for on his own and travel the world. So he decides to leave the village alone.

Now, the reason why he specifically needed to be alone was because he is the only one who can travel to other dimensions now that Kakashi doesn’t have his Sharingan anymore. Moving forward.

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