Why I Love Sword Art Online!!!


Hey guys! I hope you all are doing well, especially with the holidays coming up. I, personally, live in the US so we have two coming up: Thanksgiving and Christmas. (BTW, I do not intend to offend anyone, I happen to be a Christian in my personal life and beliefs, and I say “CHRISTmas”, if this offends you I am sorry, but I hope you will still be able to enjoy my articles.) Around the world, people had celebrated Halloween just a few days ago. For me personally, I don’t “celebrate” halloween, but I am NOT opposed to giving candy away, so I still gave out candy on that night. But I do look forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas, because those are all about spending time with family.

Anyway, since my last article, I’ve seen a “couple” more anime. I use quotations for the word “couple” because they are really one anime, although HULU happens to classify them as separate anime. As you may have already noticed the anime happens to be Sword Art Online (SAO from this point on). Now I’ve asked a few of my fellow authors, and some have said they stopped in the middle of SAO2 because it was getting TOO emotional. However, I’m a romantic, I LOVE emotional things, and SAO 1 & 2 are both CHOCK FULL of emotional stuff. I’ve just recently watched SAO for the second time and have since revised my list of favorite animes. #1 is still HS: DxD and #2 is still Naruto (both original and Shippuden), but now #3 is SAO. Bleach and Fairy Tail were and are still tied, however they are now #4 instead of #3. #6 is Infinite Stratos, and #7 is everything else. (I skipped #5 because of the tie.) Since watching SAO for the second time, I’ve come up with several reasons as to why I love SAO! By the way, the top three are EXTREMELY close on my scale. If I were to use a scale of 100 points to explain just how close these three (well actually 5) are it would be:
HS: DxD 100
Naruto: 99.8
SAO: 99.7
Bleach: 99.5
and Fairy Tail: 99.5

I hope you understand my thinking with all this, now lets jump into my reasons for loving SAO!

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