How intelligent and powerful is Sarada?


For each Generation in Naruto there exits prodigious and very talented Shinobi. Like we have Minato and Orochimaru from during their Generations. Itachi and later on Sasuke from Shippuuden’s Generations. But since Naruto continues to the next generations we can also wonder who are the top aces of this Generation. But for this time let us look at the  child of the prodigy, Sarada Uchiha. In this article we will find out whether she is worthy when compared to the previous prodigies like Kakashi and Itachi.

Image result for SaradaSince much attention so far has been directed towards Boruto, we never had much time to really see if Sarada is really what she is said to be. One could make the natural assumption  that of course she has inherited it from her Uchiha lineage. But the plot is here this time, so she still has to earn the worth of the Uchiha bloodline.

Image result for sarada young itachiUp to so far compared to how Itachi and Sasuke was she is still no where near them. Maybe like what I was saying, she is still yet to prove her intelligence. Even in the chuunin exams her fights where not shown. We just heard that she performed well and a brief showcase of her final knocking out Shannaro punch.

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