Dragon Ball Super Episode 65- Spoilers, Predictions and Preview Breakdown!

Dragon Ball Super Episode 65 and 66
Goku's Life Risking attack! Dragon Ball super Episode 66!

In Dragon Ball Super Episode 65, we will finally see The Supreme God Zamasu in action as we get closer and closer to the climax of this arc. In the last episode, after almost getting sealed by The Evil Containment Wave Zamasu and Black realized how dangerous the mortals can turn out to be for them. So, they decide to start the real game as they fuse using the Potara earring. They attain a very mighty looking form. I think they will simply call him Zamasu or ‘ The Supreme God Zamasu ‘. In this video, I will be referring him as Black Zamasu. Do comment below which name you think would suit them the best, you can suggest mixed types like Zamack or Blamasu or whatever that comes in your mind. Before I go further. * This article contains Spoilers *



Let’s take a look at Black Zamasu. I think the form is pretty much dominated by Zamasu’s looks. The only major resemblance that Black has in this is the hairstyle. Even the hair color is a courtesy to Zamasu. Many fans think it could be called Super Saiyan White but then again it looks like the color comes naturally due to Zamasu’s features than a transformation. One thing to note, though, While fusing Black was in his Super Saiyan Rose form, and in DBZ a point was made that it’s better to be in base form while fusing. I don’t know if they kept in mind such a small detail or not. So, let’s just see what the show decides to call them. A while back Toriyama talked about an enemy with white hair and I think Black Zamasu was the ultimate antagonist he was talking about.

We see a Ring of Light behind Black Zamasu, they are playing a bit of symbolism game here. The Grand Priest also has a ring behind him for a different reason, though. It comes to him naturally as a part of design. While this ring is more of an attack or a technique, but it was probably designed like that to also Sub-Consciously give us the powerful godly vibe. Dragon Ball Super in terms of story, designing and all has a lot of religious symbolism; an interesting view of Akira Toriyama’s thinking I must say.

Now, what is the purpose of this ring?

Dragon Ball Super Episode 65
Supreme God Zamasu

Herms recently posted the translations of Episode 65 and 66 titles and preview summaries, giving us a good idea about the coming plot.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 65 Title Is- “ The Final Judgment?! Supreme God’s Ultimate Power “  Airing Date- November 6th

Extended Preview Summary-

The “ 0 Mortals Plan “ heads into the final phase!

Goku Black and Zamasu have merged via the Potara. Now they’ve evolved into a fearsome foe, posing both an immortal body and formidable fighting power. What’s more merged Zamasu emits a “ wall of light “ that eliminates all it touches! They attack fused Zamasu with Ki blasts, but their ki is erased. And yet Goku and Vegeta don’t lose their fighting spirit…?

Dragon Ball Super Episode 65
Goku and Vegeta vs Fused Zamasu

The mightiest god, his name is merged Zamasu.

Returning to the showdown with Zamasu!

Trunks resolve to fight Zamasu in order to protect the people of West City! With the two Senzu he received from Mai in hand, he heads for Zamasu!

Additionally, I want to mention the Episode 66 Title and Preview summary because often times the next episode preview contains a part of the previous episode to not give away the plot too much.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 66 Title is- “Showdown! The unyielding warrior’s miraculous power “  Airing Date- November 13th

After his ring of life is broken by Goku’s life risking attack, something strange happens to merged Zamasu “


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