Who Is Your Favorite Starter And Why?

Should Niantic Lower The Number Of Candies For Evolutions?

Hey everyone! Salim here and I’m back again today to host another community Poll and have a conversation about which starter form the Kanto region and first Generation of Pokémon/Pokémon Go is the most picked and why they’re the most picked favorite of the 3!

So with hat said, there is no wrong or right answer. Just simply let us know in the comments section which starter you prefer and give a quick short reasoning as to why they’re your favorite! Now lets begin with the article!

To begin with, this discussion has been an in progress and never ending discussion since the 90’s. Choosing between a Bulbosaur, Charmander, and a Squirtle should be in the dictionary next to “choices” or “decisions.” Usually we have our preferences, however seeing as in Pokémon Go we are able to catch all 3 starters easily unlike previous Pokémon games. So Picking one in this game didn’t really throw us off guard. It was just a matter of which one we wanted first.

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