Pokemon Go Vehicle Features! Bikes, Skateboards, Etc.

Pokemon Go Vehicle Features! Bikes, Skateboards, Etc.

Hey there everyone! Salim back here again and today I’m going to be discussing a poll on whether or not it would be a cool feature to have vehicles to travel on such as bikes, skateboards, hover boards, rollerblades, etc.!

So without further ado lets begin! This will be an open discussion so no wrong answers. Your opinion is just as important as everyone else so please let us know what you all think about this feature at the end of the article and in the comments!

The questions stands, should Niantic ad a feature like this to change the appearance of your character when they’re traveling? It would be an option in the design of the character. and addition. So whenever you travel, instead of walking you can be seen riding a bike, or skating or whatever you choose to pick!

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