Niantic might have added a change to Pokemon spawns to make it more diverse!

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Niantic might have added a change to Pokemon spawns to make it more diverse!

The keyword is might, though the evidence concludes this as a huge possibility that needs to be tested more!

Trainers have been experiencing a huge change with Eevee switching from the 10km to 5km eggs. It has not been confirmed by Niantic, however the amount of positive feedback on this suggests Eevee has swapped egg categories or may be the victim of a new bug.

With common spawns decreasing a bit, allowing other 5KM spawns such as Abra, Ponyta, and Clefarie to come around our GPS maps on a much larger scale now.. Trainers should be very happy about this.. Though reddit is not the entire Pokemon community, i’m sure after this article we’ll have enough feedback to confirm whether Niantic made this 5km spawn change everywhere.

A trainer from Australia on reddit named hieigodsend made a very good point about 2km spawns changing. It seems as if Niantic made a huge change in spawn ratio while increasing the 5km Pokemon spawn.

After observing the spawn all over Auckland, NZ and at least four of the most popular Nest, my theory is that they removed the nests (or some of it anyway) and made the area a healthy diverse biome with these notable stuff:

  • Decreased common 2km pokemon spawn rate (pidgey/zubat/weedle/caterpie/etc)
  • Other 2km pokemon spawn rate could either be the same as before Halloween or increased a little.
  • Significantly increased 5km pokemon spawn rate. So the common 5km hatches will be common (obviously). Like Paras/Poliwag/Venonat/Bellsprouts/Oddish/Nidoran/etc. The rarer ones seems to be the same as before Halloween or increased a little (like the 2km rares).
  • Clefairies on high grounds have been increased on spawn rate.
  • Can’t conclude anything yet for 10km pokemon, aside from increased Eevee spawn everywhere.

This new “Healthy Diverse Biome” also appears to be implemented on non-nest area (aka almost everywhere now). To top it off, it looks like they increased the spawn rate/points on area (specially on old nests), which compliments the change on spawn type diversity.

Edit: I want to note also that this new change could make people wrongly mark an area a new type of nest because A pokemon spawn a lot on a given time. Make sure these type of pokemon spawn a lot inside a few hours at least before marking it a nest.

Edit2: Looks like the change of Eevee from 10km eggs to 5km eggs supports the theory of common 5km egg pokemon have been increased on spawn rate. Other 10km egg pokemon seems to have stayed on their previous spawn rate as far as I can observe. Also some nest could still be nest but they are outnumbered or masked by a the huge number of new pokemon spawn from this new diverse biome I have described above.

Personally I’ve noticed more Beedrill, Abra, Meowth and Ponyta lurking around my sightings a bit more than they used to. Which around a month ago the spawns for me were terrible, I’d see nothing but Drowzee, Zubat and Pidgey with the occasional Eevee. The rarest catch I’ve seen in my neighborhood was a Snorlax, though Dragonite, Charizard and Hitmonlee have been caught across town quite often.

I do notice at grocery stores I seem to get more rarer catches than anywhere else, it’s like a Pokemon festival inside that place.  For the 5km spawn increase I believe trainers will be happier about a more diverse spawn system. Seeing the same pidgey and zubat can get very annoying after awhile.

I believe that this 5km spawn change will be better for the game and trainers like myself who experience terrible spawns, though this needs to be tested more by our team we will be needing the communities feedback so be sure to leave a comment and tell us if you’ve noticed an increase in 5km Pokemon.

That’s all for today, I hope you all have a wonderful day!

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