Generation 2 could bring 28 ‘Unown’ and Baby Pokemon


Generation 2 could bring Unown and Baby Pokemon

While the Pokemon GO craze is still very much alive, tons of trainers have been wondering when exactly ANY major update will hit us. Well the answer from us would be one word, unpredictable. While Generation 2 and all Major updates have crazy hype hidden behind them, tons of trainers are getting a bit bored with the game which has given me the ambition to spark your interest.

Unown Pokemon

Unown Pokemon will definitely be included with the second generation Pokemon, why? Because they’re included with the second generation GBA games. While the Unown have 28 different shapes, this brings tons of opportunity for Niantic to integrate some fun puzzles for fans as they absolutely love puzzles based upon Ingress gameplay. How will they use the puzzles? I’m sure it’ll have something to do with spawning the unown rather than having an unown just spawn in the grass, as it isn’t like that in the original gba game play. I cannot wait for these lovable ancient Pokemon to enter the game.

Baby Pokemon

Baby Pokemon seem to be the be the more interesting feature for Generation 2, other than the new evolution chain and new Pokemon that come with the generation. Baby Pokemon is said to be a feature that will include new items directly for Pokemon Breeding. We’re completely unsure as to how Pokemon Breeding will work, however it’s been suggested in previous interviews with the CEO John Hanke where he’s confirmed being interested in the subject. Generation 2 shall be a very big hype booster for Pokemon GO when it comes out, I expect a full year to pass before we see anything from this generation.

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