Is It Easier To Level Up Taking Gyms Or Mass Evolving?

Is It Easier To Level Up Taking Gyms Or Mass Evolving

Hey everyone! Salim back again and today I’m going to be hosting another community poll discussing which option is better around the topic of leveling up and gaining XP! This is a personal opinion based conversation so there is no wrong or right answer for whatever you have to say! SO anyways, lest get started! And of course we want to hear from you all the community itself as to which method you prefer more:

  • Taking Gyms
  • Mass Evolving

To begin with, both methods are very useful especially in the time frame that you drop a lucky egg to maximize on the double XP factor that it provides. However if you were only capable of doing 1 which would you prefer? Ill break down some scenarios that a couple of us are facing.

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