6th Pokemon GO Nest Migration Just Happened

6th Pokemon GO Nest Migration
6th Pokemon GO Nest Migration

Halloween Event ended today and trainers around the world started reporting that they are seeing a change in Pokemon Nests, The migration happened around 10-12 hours ago.

We are updating this article as new info comes in for the 6th Great Pokemon Go Nest Migration, so make sure to visit later again.

Pokemon GO 6th Nest Migration

The SilphRoad Atlas has been updated with few new migration and it’s confirmed by many other users on reddit as well!

The Pokemon Go Nest Migration changes are big this time in that, newly common Pokemon Species, now includes Paras, Poliwag, Oddish, Fire/Rock Types etc. Where they were not previously common.

We request to trainers to go outside, check your local nest and report back in the comments or our Pokemon GO Facebook Page‘s wall.

Here is the table of Nest Migration Pokemon changes

Continued On Page 2 – Pokemon Change List

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