These 10 Pokemon could have an interesting evolution when Generation 2 comes out!


These 10 Pokemon could have an interesting evolution when Generation 2 comes out!


While further looking into the nostalgia of my childhood, I got curious as to how spot on Niantic wants to make Pokemon GO to the GBA games. So I’ve decided to provide further detail on these evolution methods from back in our GBA days. While there are tons more with cool ways to evolve them in the GBA games, I’ve decided to only list 10 for now. Enjoy!

[10] Crobat

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Zubat’s third and final evolution, this evolution could cost anywhere from 100-400 candies depending on how Crobats stats hold up. There may also be an alternate way to evolve Crobat depending on how close Niantic relates to the GBA games. This method would be through Pokemon Happiness, whether or not Niantic adds a friendship meter feature like this, is beyond me.

[9] Politoed

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It evolves from Poliwhirl when traded holding a King’s Rock. It is one of Poliwag’s final forms, the other being Poliwrath. When Niantic adds trading, it’s rumored that they will have items to trade as’well. The possibility of trading Pokemon with items to evolve them may be a huge one.

[8] Steelix

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Steelix is another Pokemon that was required to trade with an item, making it more obvious that they have more items in store for us in the future to buff our Pokemon more while adding extra strategy to the game. This Pokemon is evolved from Onix.

[7] Hitmontop

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Hitmontop is an alternate evolution for Tyrogue, which Tyrogue evolves into Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee and Hitmontop. This Pokemon evolution is very tricky, they could be lazy and just add Tyrogue and Hitmontop to the game and allow you to evolve Tyrogue with candy and have luck when evolving it. Which they should just follow the GBA games and implement an event where you have to find the perfect Tyrogue which has even stats to obtain this opportunity to have Hitmontop.


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