Pokemon Go: What Niantic Learned From The Halloween Event

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The Halloween event proved to be a huge success for Niantic. Their earnings doubled during this event proving that there are player who are willing to pay for extra candies. A theory was added to reddit this morning on the possibility of Niantic making more profit from players wishing to earn more candies. If Niantic were to monetize a system for extra candies I could see them doing so in two major ways: the buddy system or adding a new item.

Buddy system: during the event we saw the total distance of buddies decrease. We were able to earn 4 times more candies for the distance because of that change. It stands to reason that Niantic could add a feature for paying customers to decrease the distance for a specified amount of time. Considering that this would involve a feature that has already been tested and implemented it would not be difficult for Niantic to reuse and monetize this option.

New Candy Item: Niantic can also introduce an item similar to a lucky egg. Similar to lucky egg every Pokemon caught for 30 minutes will give double their candies. Pokemon transferred will also give double the amount of candies.

If Niantic were to decide to give more candies for customers it needs to keep in mind what made the Halloween event successful. The extra candies were a huge help for trainers, especially those who felt that the grind was taking too much time. The increased spawn rates of gastly was also a huge factor for the success of the Halloween event. It is still unsure if customers will be willing to pay for extra candies when the Pokemon available to them have returned to normal. Let us know if you would be willing to pay extra for more candies. Remember, these could be items that can be purchased through coins available from gym battling as well. Share with us your thoughts.

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