Pokemon Go: New Features Arrive, Daily Quests


It is official, Niantic has announced daily quests. The daily quests will revolve around catching Pokemon and spinning PokeStops. Rewards are given daily and if you complete the daily quests consecutively for 7 days your rewards will increase.

We can expect stardust, XP, and items as rewards for for the daily. We do not have list as to what items will be given but we can expect potions and pokeballs of all sorts. It would be great if items such as lucky eggs, incubators and incense are also given. If they are, I expect them to be given as 7 day consecutive rewards. Below is a full list of the notes from Niantic
More bonuses, more fun! Daily bonuses are coming…


We want to provide you a detailed look at a new feature coming soon to Pokémon GO – Daily bonuses! Trainers will soon be able to receive a bonus for certain daily activities, including catching a Pokémon or visiting a PokéStop once a day. You’ll earn a larger bonus if you do this seven days in a row!

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