Should Niantic Keep the Buddy System the way it was during the Halloween event?

Pokemon Go Halloween Event

Should Niantic Keep the Buddy System the way it was during the Halloween event?


It seems as if trainers have grown accustomed to the changes during the Halloween event.

As we’ve all experienced the brutal training it takes to evolve your first starter Pokemon, tons of trainers have grown attached to the new buddy system buffs that allow you to get double candy when reaching the requirement.

Trainers all over reddit have been reminiscing since the removal of the event earlier today. I do have to agree with these trainers to some point, the game is very brutal when it comes to XP and Pokemon candy. The candy system could definitely use a boost, but should it actually allow a full double candy buff? I think that would make the game easier than it already is. As we all know, there’s currently 3 level 40s in the game just in the same state, not including all of the level 40s around the world at this point. With a full double candy buff trainers would experience even more hellish gyms than there already is. 

So for my final answer on this double candy buff, no, an easy game would be even more boring than a game with no battling or trading.

Trainers should be assured that there will be more future events similar to this happening very soon. In fact, we’ve got 52 days from the moment this article was written. Christmas is a huge holiday that will most likely be used for another double candy or xp event. In Ingress it’s very well known that they don’t have Christmas events, they do have a yearly anniversary event that allows you to obtain double XP.

That’s all for today, have a great day!

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