Here’s Every Pokemon GO Plus users worst nightmare


Here’s Every Pokemon GO Plus users worst nightmare

Almost every single user whose owned a Pokemon GO Plus has experienced this nightmare at’least one time..

The worst experience a Pokemon GO plus user can experience is definitely seeing a rare Pokemon such as a Dragonite with 2238 CP and having it run away without your effort. Of’course missing this would be devastating for any user, but what if I told you after missing this rare catch that Pokemon GO would rub it in your face, in the game after getting a new candy from your buddy. 

This is what trainers have been experiencing, missing a rare catch or being able to just about evolve a really rare Pokemon and for some sort of reason the game displays that Pokemon’s sprite instead of your buddy Pokemon that actually received the candy.

This could be very irritating for most trainers as it’s like rubbing in the sore wound of a heartbreak that has just happened. It’s a very raw feeling even though it seems to be a bug in the system that’s been happening since the release of GO plus. Should we panic over this small sprite bug? Nah, we’ll live past these horrific events.

Don’t let this small bug keep you from buying the GO plus, it’s still a very good device for a user whose on the go all day long for work or school. Though I wouldn’t try this at work or school myself, some players may have a trade that allows them a little spare time during the day. I personally love my GO plus and will keep using it even if it makes fun of me for missing rare Pokemon. Let us know if you’ve experienced this issue in the comment section!

That’s all for today, I hope you all have a wonderful day.

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